A Not So Graceful Exit: Why I Left Teaching

This is so very powerful. I’m speechless! I applaud your courage to STAND! Nothing but blessings to you!


Yesterday, I quit.  In the middle of the school year, I quit.  After fourteen years in education, I quit.  I.  Quit.  Quitting isn’t something I do, particularly when children are involved, so this is still quite difficult to think or talk about.  It might seem an abrupt decision to some, but for those that know me well, you know this is something I have flirted with for a few years now.  I think it started about five years ago…

I was teaching in an inner-city school in Memphis.  I loved my principal.  I loved my kids.  I loved teaching.  Now, of course, there were issues.  Too much paperwork.  Not enough hours in the day.  Uninvolved parents.  Disobedient children.  District mandates that made no sense.  Still, overall, I was happy being a teacher.  I knew that I would either drop dead teaching or they would have to roll me out in…

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today the thoughts on my mind are doing somersaults.  There’s so much I want to do, so much I want to see, so many things I want to happen. I am, though, very much grateful for all that is happening right now. All that I am, all that I’ve done, all that I am doing, all that will happen.  

I ask myself if I really know how to dream? Perhaps, I’ve been dreaming all along and I have chalked it up to …… to-do’s….that’s still a dream, right?

What happens after MLK Day…

Today marks another year’s celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s amazing works.  For the first time, in several years, I am unable to participate and have to work.  While I am certain, Dr. King would encourage me to do what I need to to make certain I am self-sufficient, ii am still torn because I want to be part of the celebration-SO BAD!

What I am struggling with, though, is how do I make sure I continue to apply Dr. King’s principle’s after today?

I MUST consciously and purposely keep his ideals in the forefront – DAILY!  It’s quite similar to following and doing what Jesus wants us to do-DAILY … LOVE!

Thank you, Lord, for the answer to my question above….. Show people LOVE – P E R I O D!  Sometimes, that’s the only LOVE they’ll see.

Let your light so shine that men will see your good works and glorify OUR father who’s in heaven!